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Baystar Electrument Inc. is a manufacturer of pressure sensors, pressure transducers and transmitters with the piezoresistive silicon technology. The thin, concentrically corrugated stainless steel isolating diaphragm make the sensors ideal to use with wet and corrosive media. More than 20 years of manufacturing and application experience and custom design capability allows Baystar to provide a broad line of products, and the ability to quickly prototype, build and deliver to customers the pressure sensors with the performance they expect.

Mems Sensor Element

Based on the piezoresistive silicon technology and the use of the thin, concentrically corrugated stainless steel isolating diaphragm, the sensors are ideal with the wet and corrosive media. We can supply the sensors without compensation electronics which are also known as pressure capsules, modules or headers, which are mostly used by instrument manufacturers who utilize their own micro-electronics to compensate the pressure transducer.


By adding a circuit (PCB) to trim the zero & span offsets and compensate for errors over the operating temperature range, the pressure transducer still retains the natural characteristics of the particular sensing technology employed such as linearity, hysteresis, repeatability, stability and frequency response. The output (millivolt output signal which varies with changes in pressure) of the sensor is ratiometric and usually with a normalized 10mV/V output.


We supply the pressure sensor with an amplified voltage output such as 0-5Vdc , 0-10Vdc or 1-5Vdc; and a current loop output (e.g. 2 wire 4-20mA or 3 wire 0 /4-20mA ), too. One of the benefits of pressure transmitters and high voltage output pressure transducers is that they incorporate zero & span adjustment potentiometers so that the pressure sensors can be easily calibrated.