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BH93-D Series Specifications

BH93-D Series


OEM equipment
Off Road
Fluids and gas measurement
Water Management

Environmental Data

Temperature Ranges
Compensated: 0°C to 70°C
Operating: – 20°C to 85°C
Storage: – 40°C to 125°C


Performance@25°C (77°)
Accuracy: 1.0%BFSL (optional 0.5%,0.2% and 0.1%)
Stability: <0.2%FS/year, typical
Over pressure protection: 2 × Rated Pressure
Burst Pressure: 2.5 × mini
Pressure Cycles: > 50 Million

Electrical Data

9-29 Vdc for 4-20mA
10Vdc for mV/V output
Electrical Rating: IEC Ex ia ‖C T5
Loop resistance@24 Vdc: 500 Ohm
Zero offset:<±1% of FS
Span tolerance:<±1% of FS

Output ⃰:
4-20 mA; 10 Vdc(10mV/V ratio metric); 1-5 Vdc;0.5- 4.5 Vdc
⃰ Consult with factory for other output options

Physical Data:
Sensor wetted material: 316L SS Body material: 316L SS
Cable pull strength: 200 lb. Pressure connection ⃰:
* See below pressure connection
Electrical Connection ⃰ : Cable, DIN
*Consult with factory for other connection options

BH93-D Series